Scholarship Program

Our Diversity Scholarship Program provides assistance for women and minorities to enter the tech industry.

Foster diversity in the STEM workforce

RefactorU is committed to accelerating the learning and development of the world's aspiring creatives, makers, and technologists. That means everyone. That's why we are invested in helping people from groups underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics find ways to overcome structural disadvantages beyond their control.

RefactorU offers 3 diversity scholarships per cohort, totaling 27 scholarships a year.

Eligibility and application steps

Diversity scholarships are available to women and minorities per the U.S. federal definition: all persons classified as Black, Hispanic, American Indian or Alaskan Native, and Asian or Pacific Islander.

We have one grand prize of $4,000 and two runner up prizes of $1,300 each. The Scholarship will be applied to RefactorU's tuition. If you qualify for the GI Bill or a Veteran's discount you are still eligible to apply for the diversity scholarship.

After acceptance into the RefactorU web development bootcamp, students can apply for the diversity scholarship by submitting an essay and personal statement. A panel from the community will judge applicants on problem solving ability, ingenuity, grit, and passion for coding.

Apply for Bootcamp
Step One.
Apply for enrollment to any of the RefactorU Web Development bootcamps. To be eligible for our diversity scholarship program, you must first be accepted into a bootcamp.
Student Scholarship Application
Step Two.
Contact our enrollment advisor about our Diversity Scholarship program. You will be sent an application, and instructions regarding the essay portion of the scholarship.
Panel Review
Step Three.
A panel from the community will review all the applications submitted for each cohort. Once winners are selected, a RefactorU representative will contact the winners.
“We recognize that structural inequality exists, and we are committed to reducing that inequality by offering a competitive scholarship program to foster diversity in the STEM workforce.”
– Sean Daken | RefactorU CEO

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