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RefactorU Offers Technical Bootcamp Products and Services to the Post-Secondary and Career Education Market
Published 06, February 2017 by CEOCFO Magazine
RefactorU has validated that higher education institutions recognize that need but they are not equipped to develop, refine, and deliver those types of learning experiences on their own. That’s where RefactorU comes in -- we help post-secondary institutions and career colleges accelerate the deployment of their technical bootcamp courses, while reducing their costs and risks, with proven curricula and processes, resulting in industry-leading outcomes, increased brand-equity, and incremental revenue for those institutions.
RefactorU to Focus on Fast-Growing Academic Partnerships; Suspends Future Boulder Cohorts
Published 22, December 2016 by PRWeb
RefactorU will focus on growing and supporting its evolving network of academic affiliates, and will discontinue future JavaScript bootcamps at its Boulder, Colorado campus.
What’s Next for TechHire
Published 02, December 2016 by The White House, Ryan Burke, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy
RefactorU Obtains State Approval
Published 27, July 2014 by PRWeb
Learn How To Build And Fly Your Own Drones
Published 04, April 2014 by Business Insider
Software developers boot up careers at camp
Published 07, November 2013 by Biz West
RefactorU Launches Ten-Week Hands-on Web Application Development Bootcamp
Published 28, May 2013 by PRWeb
In today’s technology-driven society, skills such as developing better web applications are critical to success. Millions of people are trying to learn to code, but with mixed results. Traditional multi-year models of education are often cost-prohibitive. Some try to teach themselves, relying on online courses, but very few are successful with that approach.

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