Data Science Bootcamp

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Immersive data science course

RefactorU’s Data Science Bootcamp is a hands-on 12-week course that provides the tools needed to discuss, analyze, wrangle, and visualize data–big or small–so that you can start a new career as a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer.

Develop an understanding of

• Statistical methods
• The different types of databases and use cases
• The difference between supervised and unsupervised learning
• The machine learning pipeline process
• Machine learning feature extraction, transformation, and engineering
• Modeling techniques
• Visualization techniques, effective data analysis communication
• How data analytics works in the enterprise
• Common pitfalls to avoid and best practices to follow

A typical day at bootcamp

Grab some coffee and settle in… by 9am our instructors begin the first hour of lecture. After morning lecture you dive into hands-on assignments that cover the day’s newest material, working individually or within small groups. After an afternoon lunch break we gather at 2pm for afternoon lecture, followed by additional coding time. We end each day with a “what went well” group session to discuss the day’s successes. Evenings often include guest lectures, networking events, or social gatherings.

Course structure

Week 1 - Python, Databases, SQL
Week 2 - Pre-processing, scikit-learn, Linear Regression, K-means Clustering
Week 3 - Gradient Descent, Logistic Regression, Model Evaluation
Week 4 - Decision Trees, SVM, PCA, Nearest Neighbors, Time Series
Week 5 - Midterm Projects
Week 6 - Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQL Databases
Week 7 - Spark, Perceptrons, Naive-Bayes
Week 8 - Data Visualization, Business Communication, A/B Testing, Bayesian Bandit
Week 9 - Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing
Week 10 - Ensemble Methods, Recommender Systems, Project Proposal
Week 11 - Final Projects
Week 12 - Final Projects

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RefactorU provides you with the training, tools, and support you need to become a top-notch, entry-level data scientist. Learn the latest techniques in data science from experienced instructors and industry leaders.