Reinvent yourself with RefactorU immersive bootcamps

Develop skills to start a new tech career

In conjunction with our higher education partners, we deliver the training, tools, and support you need to become a top-notch programmer in as little as 10 weeks. Learn from experienced instructors at one of our national affiliate campuses.

The RefactorU model is the practical alternative to a four-year computer science degree or a six-month coding school. We know how difficult it is to step away from work for an extended period and still make ends meet. That’s why our fast-track program focuses on the essentials–we strip away all the “nice-to-have’s.” With a solid foundation and new abilities to think like a developer or data scientist, you can quickly learn other languages, platforms, and development processes.

Web Development

A 10-week immersive JavaScript course covering the latest full-stack web technologies. Learn to create web applications while building a portfolio to share with potential employers.

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JavaScript Bootcamp

Data Science

Spend 12 weeks immersing yourself in the latest theories and technologies of Data Science. You’ll learn to solve some of the most analytically complex problems using data.

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Data Science Bootcamp

UX Design

Our 10-week UX Design bootcamp covers customer behavior, design workflow, problem solving and more. You’ll create a custom application showcasing your new UX Design skills.

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UX Design Bootcamp

Hands on learning

You’ll work on real projects, learning by getting your hands dirty, from world-class peers and instructors. It’s immersive, hands-on learning, not 40 hours of lecture. It’s also properly balanced, not 90 hours of stress each week like other bootcamps.

Stress does not equal success. Our immersive experience is life-balanced yet effective. We help all students be successful.

Our focus is a great education and career advancement

Career advisors meet weekly with students to develop job search techniques, resume writing skills, communication and interviewing skills, and networking strategies. You’ll have access to guest speakers, hiring managers and recruiters for the top companies in the country.