About RefactorU

Through our expanding network of higher education partners, RefactorU accelerates the learning and development of the world's aspiring creatives, makers, and technologists.

One of the first coding bootcamps to offer JavaScript training

RefactorU was founded in 2013 in response to the growing need for skilled, early-career JavaScript developers. While there were a handful of coding bootcamps in the United States, RefactorU was one of the first to offer full-stack JavaScript training. Since 2013, RefactorU has graduated over 300 full-stack web developers and is actively working with higher education partners to deliver bootcamp services on a national basis. 

Based on our experience, typical results for graduates of the RefactorU bootcamp are: 


of students employed within 6 months of graduation*

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of graduates are employed in software roles*

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Our immersive bootcamp experience is life-balanced yet effective. Learn to code while developing a network of peers.

We focus our efforts on a great education and making sure that our students end up as web developers at great companies.

“Coding bootcamps are popping up everywhere and what differentiates them are the TEACHERS. RefactorU has the best and most patient teachers who will not only teach you the fundamentals but also leave you feeling like you've had the best time ever.”
– Joanne D.

Meet our team

“In my first real interview after graduation, I had to take two computerized JavaScript aptitude tests. I scored on the high end of “proficient” on the first one, and “advanced” on the second one! The division director sent me home early saying he had experienced dev's on his team who couldn't have done it any better.”
– Matthew R. | Winter 2015 Graduate
“I just got a job offer from IBM to join their new IBM Design team with a starting salary of $75,000/year! This is literally double the salary that I was prepared to accept for a first job.”
– Andy T. | Fall 2014 Graduate